Important Update from Red Planet Magazine: It is with much sadness that I announce the cancellation of the Summer Issue, and that the publication will be on an indefinite hiatus. This past year has brought many unexpected challenges, and unfortunately at this time, as editor I cannot provide the attention and support that the contributors and readers deserve. I feel so blessed that people have enjoyed this community. The last two years have been an absolute honor.

The magazine and all back issues will remain online and available. I hope that this is simply a short break, and that Red Planet Magazine will return! Until then, I wish all of you across the galaxy a fond farewell.



Long before mankind sent the first rovers, Mars was an object of curiosity. It is a symbol that connects all human beings in a way that transcends borders and reminds us that we are part of something bigger. For centuries humans looked up at the strange red planet and wondered, what's out there? Our celestial neighbor in the dark expanse of space, Mars beckons the adventurer within all of us.

This is the feeling Red Planet Magazine asks you to explore. Send writing that pulls you in like gravity, writing that is authentic and compelling, and most importantly: out of this world. We support both new and established writers. Whether your adventure is just beginning, or you are looking to explore somewhere new, the red planet awaits your arrival. Submit today for the opportunity to have your writing published.

Submissions are accepted during the below reading periods for each seasonal issue. Work sent outside these periods will not be considered, so please ensure that your submission is sent before midnight on the last day of each period:

           Spring Issue: January 1st-February 28th
           Summer Issue: April 1st-May 31st
           Fall Issue: July 1st-August 31st
           Winter Issue: October 1st-November 30th

Red Planet Magazine's publishing agreement is for First North American Serial Rights (FNASR).

Writers receive publishing credits and will have their work archived in Red Planet Magazine's back issues. Winners of the quarterly contests will receive a small cash prize (see contest page for more details).

          Short Stories- up to 5,000 words.
          Flash Fiction- up to 500 words.
          Poetry- up to 5 poems, 500 words each.
          (While a theme of speculative fiction is emphasized, all styles and genres are considered.)

You must be at least 18 years old to submit to Red Planet Magazine. Please ensure proper spelling & grammar in your work. Word count limit for each category must be adhered to. Longer works will not be considered. Submissions must be sent as a Word document attachment with the following extension: ".doc"/".docx", or typed in body of email.

All submissions can be emailed to

Subject of email should contain category (short story, flash fiction, poetry), title of work, and word count.​ Body of email should contain legal name and pen name (if applicable). Publishing contract should be signed with your legal name. Writers can also submit a short bio up to 100 words to be featured with their work. Please indicate your bio in the email with "Bio:" (bios that are not properly indicated could be missed!).


SUBJECT: Short Story, "Mars", 3,500 words.


I am submitting my short story "Mars" for consideration.

Bio: Jane Smith lives on Earth. Her work has previously been featured in Pluto Quarterly. In her free time she enjoys exploring the cosmos.

Legal Name: Jane Smith
Pen name: Jane Doe

Thank you,​

Jane Smith

Red Planet Magazine does NOT accept: 

​Works that have been previously published.
Works that are considered for "mature audiences only".