The Plastic Purge: Food Packaging

Do me a favor. Next time you buy groceries, try keeping a tally on how much plastic is used to package the food (styrofoam too!). It seems like every time I load up the cupboards after a trip to the store, I'm left with half a bin's worth of plastic containers.

But no more!

This one was a challenge. I've previously mentioned the lack of resources in my area for eco-friendly options, so I was worried I wouldn't find anywhere to buy groceries.

Until today! I found an AMAZING co-op in a nearby city. They stock their shelves with local and seasonal products, and their mission statement focuses on sustainability. They sell bulk items too, which means no more plastic food packaging! And while the drive is a bit longer, my carbon footprint will be significantly smaller than it would be if I continued to shop at the grocery store a couple of miles down the road (where almost everything is sold in plastic).

Now I just have to find some reusable food storage containers... Another topic for another day!