Checking In...

Greetings earthlings, I hope this finds you safe and healthy. Just wanted to check in with a quick update:

Issue 7 is underway, and will be released at the beginning of May! Additionally, more blog posts in the climate change series will be published soon.

I also wanted to post a few helpful reminders about submissions:

-All submissions will receive a response within 30 days*. If a response is not received, please check your spam folder before following up.

-New submissions sent as a reply within a previous correspondence may not be considered, and may not receive a response. Please send new work in a new email.

-Please include what type of work, the title, and the word count (if applicable) in the subject line of the email. Submissions without this information may be directed to the spam folder or deleted.

-Always feel free to reach out with questions about the submission process and what type of work the Red Planet is looking for.

*Response times may temporarily be longer due to COVID-19.

Wishing you well.