Changes on the Red Planet: Part Two...

And now for part two of the upcoming changes...

Starting in Volume 2 Red Planet Magazine will exclusively feature fiction and poetry! (art submissions for the cover will still be accepted)

This change was made based on feedback from followers and contributors - Red Planet Magazine is always open to ideas and suggestions to make your reading experience better!

The new list of accepted works include:


Short stories - up to 5k words

Flash - up to 500 words


1-5 poems per submission- up to 500 words each

Last but not least...

I am pleased to say that starting in volume 2 Red Planet Magazine will be hosting PAID contests every quarter! This will be a big step toward establishing compensation for all contributors.

More details about contests and submission changes will be released following the final issue of volume 1.

I hope you're as excited as I am about these changes! As always, thank you for reading :)