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by Seth Brown

We are all time-travelers.
But we are stuck travelling only in one direction:
Forward, into the future,
At the excruciatingly slow rate of one second per second.


It does not impress anyone
When I walk into a room and announce
"I have just now arrived, from just then."

Still, we are time-travelers.
If you know an septuagenarian, they have traveled here from the year 1950!
The world is completely different, and they are like an unfrozen Captain America.
Maybe not exactly like an unfrozen Captain America,
Because they are not as confused by the modern world,
And because they are not filled with an experimental military serum
Which gives them superhuman strength and agility.
But they have traveled from 70 years ago,
From a world you read about only in books,
To this strange and wondrous place we call today.

Where will your journey take you?
We have traveled to the year 2020,
Which, ironically, we cannot foresee with perfect vision.
Some of us will travel yet decades further into the future,
To arrive at a world of holographic projections
And computer-integrated everything,
And other cool things I cannot even imagine.

I may not join you on that trip.
But I have already made a journey,
From a time when denim jackets were cool and pay phones were on every corner,
To this strange land where people carry phones in their pockets,
Phones more powerful than the computers that sent Neil Armstrong to the moon,

It can be hard to adjust to this crazy world.
But we will, because what choice do we have?
We are all time-travelers.







Seth Brown is a freelance writer and poet based in

the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts, where he can

frequently be found performing poetry. He is the author of

six books, and consumes an inordinate amount of sushi.

His website is RisingPun.com.