Winter 2020

Congratulations to our Cover Art Contest Winner!

"Heart at the Center of the Universe"

by Monique Renee Harris

Monique Renee Harris was born as an African American woman with Cerebral Palsy. She wanted to learn how to create her own style of art given her physical limitations of being unable to use her hands. A mentor nurtured her talent for digital graphic art. She learned how to use imaging software with the use of a head wand. Her artwork has been featured in Pentimento Magazine, on the cover of Lateef H. McLeod’s Whispers of Krip Love Shouts of Krip Revolution, and in her own poetry art book Strength and Tragedy: the Mystery of the Blue Lady. 

Volume 2 Issue 1

Table of Contents

Congratulations to our Featured Work Contest Winner!

"Blue Coffin"

by Andre Le Mont Wilson